I help Catholic women heal their heart wounds so they can become the women God created them to be

Are you ready

to embody your

feminine genius?

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The Embodied Catholic Woman Collective

A holistic coaching membership for Catholic women ready to heal mind, body, and spirit



Hi, I’m Claudine!

“Don’t waste your suffering.” Pope St. John Paul II

I’m a Catholic convert, physician, and certified life coach.  My mission is to help other Catholic women on their own healing journeys.  Several years ago, I felt stuck in my life, doubted my abilities, felt overwhelmed by my responsibilities, and unfulfilled in my relationships.  ​I discovered life coaching and hired my first life coach in 2013 and everything changed …

Having walked  the path of healing my own childhood wounds, I know what it takes to heal.  I developed Integrative Catholic Life Coaching™, my faith-infused, trauma-informed methology to help Catholic women heal in a holistic way. 

This is where faith and neuroscience meet so you can renew your mind, process your emotions, regulate your nervous system and embody your feminine genius.  Join me on this journey of growth, healing, and restoration!