The Embodied Catholic Woman Collective

An exclusive membership to help you heal the past, renew your mind, and step into your God-given purpose

What would your life look like if you truly embodied your feminine genius?


» Imagine showing up confidently in your life instead of worrying about what other people think about you

» Imagine leading with feminine softness instead of trying to be tough on the outside, because you are connected with an inner strength

» Imagine breaking down the walls around your heart and being more vulnerable because you honor your emotions instead of stuff them down

» Imagine trading surface-level situationships for deeply connected relationships that nourish you on a soul-level

» Imagine being authentic in your relationships and communicating your boundaries instead of people-pleasing to keep the peace

» Imagine trusting your Holy Spirit led-intuition and being willing to take risks even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else

» Imagine living out your calling and choosing faith over fear, even when it feels so much bigger than you

This is what’s possible for you


Emotional Mastery

Learn how to gain control over your thoughts and emotions, so that you can respond to life’s ups and downs with grace and emotional intelligence.


Regulated Nervous System

Experience inner calm and build capacity and resilience as you learn to regulate your nervous system, enabling you to face life’s challenges with composure.


Authentic Confidence

Embody your most authentic self with unwavering self-confidence, feeling empowered to show up as your true self in every aspect of your life.


Freedom From Self-Doubt

Transform your Inner Critic into your Inner Coach and break free from the chains of self-doubt and social conditioning, so you can stop hiding your light under a bushel.


Achieve Goals With Ease

Learn to achieve your dreams and goals the feminine way–with ease and grace–by replacing striving and hustling with inspired action and divine guidance.


Purpose-Driven Life

Discern and co-create a life filled with inspiration, joy, and passion, where every day is an opportunity to embrace your vocational calling and walk in purpose..


From Stuck in a Serious Rut to A Clear Sense of Direction Moving Forward 

Kelly was experiencing some major life changes and couldn’t shake the rut she found herself in. After working with Claudine, she felt almost instant relief and shifts. This led to feeling lighter, positive, energized, refreshed and more focused. 

 “I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’m thankful to be on my life’s path again.”

But Do You Identify More With This?

  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed, and you’re struggling to find balance in your busy life
  • You battle with insecurity and self-doubt, and feel unworthy of having your heart’s desires
  • You have heart wounds and traumas from the past that left lasting scars, and you yearn to heal them
  • You are living from the neck up and there’s a disconnect with your heart, and you long to rediscover and embody your feminine radiance
  • You feel as if you’re just going through the motions of life and often wonder “is this it?”

But deep down, you know that you were created by God for so much more.



You weren’t put on this earth to just survive–but to thrive.

Welcome To The Inner Sanctuary Of Your Feminine Genius

“But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door, and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

Matt 6:6

The Embodied Catholic Woman Collective is the first coaching program of its kind created exclusively for Catholic women who are seeking a holistic approach to healing that is rooted in faith.

You’ll connect with other women on this transformative journey, access valuable resources, and receive expert guidance to elevate your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.


The Embodied Catholic Woman Collective

A holistic coaching membership for Catholic women ready to heal mind, body, and spirit

This is a scientifically-proven bottom-up approach to healing that is faith-centered.   all of you is welcome.

This is the missing piece for Catholic women.

I know this because it was for me.

Hey, I’m Claudine!


I’m a Catholic convert, double-board-certified physician, and certified life coach.  My mission is to support other Catholic women who are also on a healing journey. 

I have met so many women who feel stuck in their lives and unable to move forward.  They don’t fully realize that it’s because of experiences from the past they haven’t fully healed.  That causes them to live from a place of guilt, shame, confusion, and overwhelm instead of peace.




Several years ago, I felt stuck in my life, doubted my abilities, felt overwhelmed by my professional responsibilities, and unfulfilled in my relationships.  ​I discovered life coaching, hired my first life coach in 2013 and everything changed …

Having walked the path of healing my own childhood wounds, I know what it takes to heal.  After years of study, I developed my faith-infused, trauma-informed methodologyIntegrative Catholic Life Coaching™– to help Catholic women heal in a holistic way. 

This is where faith meets neuroscience to help you renew your mind, process your emotions, regulate your nervous system, and embody your feminine genius.  Join me on this journey of growth, healing, and restoration!

This is the healing roadmap for Catholic women that is rooted in Faith + Neuroscience

The Sacred Integration Blueprint™

Sacred Rest

Create a foundation rooted in faith and reception of the Sacraments. Honor Sunday as a day of grace and rest to provide fuel for the days ahead.

Sacred Work

Become a good steward of your time through inner work to heal core wounds, and walk with confidence towards your God-given mission and purpose.

Sacred Play

Create a thriving life through healthy lifestyle habits, regular self-care, social connection, healthy boundaries, and your radiant feminine genius.

You’ll begin to implement this framework in The Embodied Catholic Woman Collective!

A Sneak Peek inside the Collective

What’s Included In Your Membership

Heart Safety Foundations Course

Heart Safety Foundations is your introduction to the building blocks of healing your heart wounds. In this mini-course, we’ve curated bite-sized video modules that will gently guide you on your journey towards emotional wholeness. You’ll explore topics such as mindset transformation, emotional processing, nurturing your inner child, navigating triggers, and awakening your feminine genius. This mini-course is designed to be the starting point for every woman in the Collective.

LIVE Group Coaching

Each month, you’ll have access to a 90-minute group coaching call where you’ll experience the power of community and personalized guidance. Whether you are being coached live, watching another woman receive coaching or listening to the replay, you will receive insights, clarity, and  support as we journey together towards healing and embodying your true self as a Catholic woman. These calls are a sacred space to share your challenges and triumphs, and deepen your connection to God, yourself and others.

Nervous system regulation

During the monthly Heart Safety Circle, a 75-minute nervous system regulation workshop, you’ll practice nervous system regulation in real time.  You’ll learn how to map your nervous system state, implement practical tools and techniques to release overwhelm, stress and anxiety, so you can experience a shift.  These workshops are designed to help you gently re-wire your nervous system.  You will also have the opportunity to subscribe to the NEUROFIT app at a HUGE discount and regulate your nervous system in just 5 minutes per day.

90-Day Embodied Catholic Woman Journal

The 90-day journal is where you will implement the Sacred Integration Blueprint™ consistently into your daily life.  Think of the journal as your companion on this transformative journey. It will provide you structure and guidance as you examine your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Through daily prompts and reflections, you’ll develop a more intimate relationship with God and yourself, so you can start living out your identity as a beloved daughter of God.

The Heart Examen™

The Heart Examen™ is a modified version of the Ignatian Daily Examen.  This process was created to help Catholic women like you to connect more deeply with your  heart and emotions.  The Heart Examen™ will allow you to reflect on the events of the day or week, witness the power and presence of God in your  lives, and discern your next steps forward.

Nervous System Toolkit

You’ll receive access to The Heart Safety Toolkit to help you build your own toolbox for nervous system regulation. Packed with a variety of somatic exercises that are 10-minutes or less each to help you to nurture your nervous system and unlock a deeper connection with your body. From gentle movement practices to breath work to mindfulness techniques, you’ll have a diverse set of tools at your fingertips.

Private Community

In our exclusive private forum, you’ll discover a sisterhood of like-minded Catholic women.  You can connect, share, and support one another in a safe and sacred environment.  The community was created to help you form deep connections, share your experiences, and co-regulate with other women who are on the same healing journey as you.


Showing Up in Her Business The Way God Sees Her 


“I was not showing up how I wanted to in my business. Through this session, I realized that I can show up with confidence in my business and not be afraid of visibility.

I’m grateful to Claudine for the opportunity to release and renew with her in this session and encourage anyone who is ready to make significant progress in their life or business to try it for themselves.”  Jessica

The Collective Gives You Access To

  • Feminine Embodiment Practices: Learn to reconnect with your body, deepen your spiritual practices, and discover your intuitive wisdom.


  • Nervous System Healing: Discover tools and techniques to release trauma, reduce stress, and restore balance to your nervous system.


  • Renewing Your Mind: Take thoughts captive, re-frame limiting beliefs, create new neural pathways, and generate new thought patterns for personal growth.


  • Live Coaching and Workshops: Participate in monthly live group coaching calls and workshops designed to deepen your understanding and practice.


  • Expert Guidance: Have direct access to a certified life coach, certified feminine embodiment coach, and certified NEUROFIT trainer, with additional training in somatic parts work, neurolinguistic programming, and integrative somatic trauma.


    • Exclusive Resources: Access a growling library of cognitive, somatic, and spiritual tools.


    • Community Support: Connect with a supportive network of Catholic women who are on the journey with you.



    • Accountability and Progress Tracking: Stay motivated and track your progress through personalized goal-setting and accountability systems.

    The Total Value of Everything in the Collective


    » Heart Safety Foundations Mini-Course ($200)


    » 1 x 90-minute group coaching call each month ($200)


    » 1 x 75-minute Heart Safety Circle somatic workshop each month ($180)


    » Private Members-Only Podcast for on-the-go listening ($50/mo)


    » The Embodied Catholic Woman 90-Day Journal ($50)


    » Access to the Heart Safety Toolkit ($197)


    » Private community ($50/mo)


    » Quarterly Rosary Prayer Circle (priceless)


    » The Heart Examen Process ($30)


    » BONUS: Heart Examen Guided Audio ($20)


    » BONUS: Goal-Setting The Feminine Way Workshop ($90)

    Total Value: $5797/year or $487/month

    But for less than the cost of a gym membership, you can get started today for only $47!

    Choose Your Membership Option


    Per Year

    Total Value = $5797/year

    Heart Safety Foundations Mini-Course

    1 x 90-minute group coaching call each month

    1 x 75-minute Heart Safety Circle somatic workshop each month

    The Embodied Catholic Woman 90-Day Journal

    Access to the Heart Safety Toolkit

    Private community

    Quarterly Rosary Prayer Circle

    BONUS: 20% off your NEUROFIT App subscription

    BONUS: The Heart Examen Guided Audio

    BONUS: Goal-Setting The Feminine Way Workshop

    BONUS: Gift in the mail

    2 months FREE (save $94!)

    Cancel anytime


    Per Month

    Total Value = $487/mo

    Heart Safety Foundations Mini-Course

    1 x 90-minute group coaching call each month

    1 x 75-minute Heart Safety Circle somatic workshop each month

    The Embodied Catholic Woman 90-Day Journal

    Access to the Heart Safety Toolkit

    Private community

    Quarterly Rosary Prayer Circle

    BONUS: 20% off your NEUROFIT App subscription

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    Cancel Anytime Risk-Free

    You can cancel your membership at ANY time–no questions asked.  Simply log into your account to cancel.

    What My Clients Are Saying


    “I have forgiven myself…I’m no longer grounded in the events that created the trauma. I have learned to truly, deeply care for my little girl self in the moments the events occurred, leaving me free to move forward and experience life without the weight of everything that was holding me back…She elevated every piece of my work by showing me an alternate view, and teaching me ways to re-experience the event through the new lens. And as Robert Frost wrote so eloquently all those years ago: That has made all the difference.”


    “I have a more intentional relationship with my sisters…I am starting to recognize how the way our body responds to a situation is just as (if not more) important than our mind’s belief. They work, together.  We already have a Lifesaver (Jesus!), and this program will be a life changer.”


    I learned how to stop blaming others for my problems. I started looking more inwardly and specifically with my own journaling/prayer/relationship with God, boundaries, triggers, truths vs. lies, etc. to see that I can only control how I show up (body, mind, and soul). I am less reactive, and when I notice myself as being very reactive to a situation, I now have a toolbox of resources, worksheets, ways to pray, etc.”


    “It has given me access to a whole interior realm of myself that I never knew about. This is a powerful experience if you put in the work! God has blessed me abundantly in this group. I feel like the Holy Spirit was on the move in this program.  Thank you for guiding us through this program! It has been a profound experience for me and I am so grateful that I can become a better, more regulated mother and wife.”


    This is NOT a membership where you consume endless content and struggle to keep up with the information…


    This is the membership where you start implementing and integrating what you’ve learned.


    This is where you heal.


    Feminine Genius Coaching

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    New York NY, 10156